Eerik Mantere, born 1983

Social Psychologist (University of Tampere, MSSc)

Sexological Counselor (FIAS certified, Helsinki University of Applied Sciences)

PhD researcher (University of Tampere, Social Psychology & University of Bordeaux, Sociology)

FinCounseling Finnish Trade Register business ID: 2842049-6

Because counseling works and you do not have to face your challenges alone.

Some things are difficult to talk about. After having worked with children, adolescent, adults, and elderly, with different nationalities and different backgrounds, I have witnessed how much counseling can help.

As a researcher I have focused on couple’s interaction and parent-child interaction and inspire to bring research and practice into fruitful cooperation. Sometimes it is hard to find an understanding counselor who speaks your language. I have lived in France, USA, and Finland, and offer online counseling to expats and others around the world. Research supports the efficacy of online counseling. I suggest using a secure video-call service but other types of distant counseling are also possible. Face-to-face counseling and organizational coaching available in Riihimäki-Lahti region in Finland.

My fields of expertise are evidence-based interactive practices, expat life, intercultural relationships, sexuality, spirituality, trauma, crisis, life transitions and end of life situations. I support individuals, groups, and communities in finding their own unique way and help you to recognize and grow your own strengths. My counseling is suitable to a variety of situations—excluding serious mental disorders which require psychiatric assessment. Clients with any diagnosis are welcome when an existing psychiatric patient-care relationship is already established, and supportive counseling is wanted. I have studied several therapeutic methods but my main reference is the cognitive constructivism of my supervisor, the legendary late Pekka Metsäntähti. You can read his thoughts on his blog in the entry of 6.7.2015 (in Finnish). He once summarized his way simply as: “on the journey of therapy, client is the captain, I am the first mate”. When you talk to me you don’t only have my ear. As a social psychologist I am well equipped to recognize biases and limitations in my own knowledge. When in need, I regularly consult my extensive network of colleagues in sexology, medicine, psychology, and psychiatry.

I understand different world-views widely and support you to be yourself—respecting your convictions. My approbatur degree in computer science and work experience at the women’s shelter give me a unique advantage in internet security.

Contact emantere(at)u-bordeaux(dot)fr for an offer to your organization.
Relationship counseling and sexological counseling:
45 min. session for individuals 50 €.
75 min. session for couples 80 €.

EDIT: I am currently mainly focusing on my research but do not hesitate to inquire about my availability.